Internal Communications

In June I took a contract position as a Communications Specialist, supporting an Internal Communications team at Prudential Financial. The company is undergoing a lot of change, which is reflected in the changing practices and policies of the Internal Communications department. It has been my job to assist in this transition and to help develop the practices and policies that will guide communications within Prudential.

The most significant change underway within Internal Communications is a transition from email-based organizational communications to intranet-based organizational communications. Instead of sending company-wide emails, important communications are being posted to an internal news site. My role has been to write and format posts, standardize best practices, and to collaborate across departments to develop content.

Email is still a major channel and I have been able to help my team by taking on the responsibility of formatting our organizational emails in the ever-petulant Lotus Notes software.

There are other channels at our disposable which I’ve ventured to enhance. The digital signs we have posted throughout our offices run static posts. I developed animated templates using PowerPoint leading to an increased effectiveness for our digital signs.

The skill I have developed the most while working at Prudential has been collaboration. For a company-wide event I took charge of a multi-site display and was able to lead a small team across several departments and locations. The end-product was a reproducible Wall of Fame with an accompanying activity, raffle, and handouts.


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