Coworking Spaces: Finding An Office That Works For You

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SharePoint and ExactTarget

ExactTarget is a browser-based SalesForce platform for email marketing. We use it internally because it has excellent KPI functionality. It’s been a lot of fun producing newsletters and emails, and tracking the engagement these garner.

Newsletter Complete2

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Our business recently migrated to SharePoint. I’ve been able to assist the team in developing our own team page, and was asked to help build-out the site used by HR.


Content Capabilities

There had been a Photoshop license within communications that wasn’t being used, so once it was reinstalled I was able to edit images and create graphics.

Intranet Images


Email BannersA-Message-From-ALLISON-LANDERS


Event Banners

Digital Signs
Working with a business partner in marketing, I updated the templates we use to create digital signs for internal screens.
(They’re MP4 files, which I can’t embed to WordPress without upgrading. Clicking the links will open the videos in new windows.)

Video One
Video Two
Video Three


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