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For the first few months of my time with Prudential, all emails were being sent from the antiquated LotusNotes program. Perennial headaches. The Group Insurance business where I work is in the process of moving to Microsoft (Outlook and SharePoint), so that the emails sent from LotusNotes were arriving in Outlook inboxes.  As perfectly formatted as an email was in LotusNotes, the margins or the alignment or the color of the fonts would be different in Outlook.Email Template

As the guy who formatted and sent our emails, I created templates in Word so we could send organizational emails more quickly.

Templates were also created for the banners at the tops of the emails; when executive administrators asked to have an email placed into a template, I was able to do this quickly and earned a good reputation for quick turnarounds.

I also produced a SOP for LotusNotes Email for formatting and sending emails through LotusNotes. Lucky for my team that they hadn’t the need to use the SOP, they extended my contract instead.

Eventually it came time to move away from the interminable LotusNotes platform. I worked with the IT department and secured a group mailbox in Outlook for the internal communications team, and since then sending emails has been far simpler.

Beyond Outlook, I’ve worked closely with a communications director and a UX/UI director to develop a newsletter in ExactTarget, a SalesForce platform. The UX/UI team members built a template and I developed the newsletter using that template. I picked up a few HTML pointers along the way (I have a somewhat functioning ability to navigate HTML).

The real use of ExactTarget has been the capability to track specific metrics, beyond email-opening rates to link click-throughs.


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