Magical realism and the Holocaust at Rowan

Author Helen Maryles Shankman was at the Rowan University Barnes and Nobel Wednesday to promote her newest book, “In The Land of Armadillos”, which uses magical realism to retell stories from the Holocaust. Continue reading “Magical realism and the Holocaust at Rowan”


Rowan President Houshmand contract extended through 2022

The Rowan University Board of Trustees, citing a desire to “ensure continuity in leadership and stability for Rowan,” has extended President Ali Houshmand’s contract through the 2022 school year.

When asked if he was surprised by the decision, Houshmand responded via email, “The board chairman and I have a very close working relationship. I was not really surprised, but certainly honored to be asked to continue to serve the university.”

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Spirituality discussion finds common ground between religions

Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish – titles didn’t matter last Thursday at this month’s spirituality discussion in Robinson Hall. The event, part of the “Spirituality Discussions” series sponsored by the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution (SJICR), gathered a dozen students and faculty members to discuss the positive and negative aspects of major religions.

Dr. Julia Pizzuto-Pomaco, from the department of philosophy and religion studies, led the discussion with topics ranging from different interpretations of religious texts, to altruism and moral relativism.

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Newly-renovated intramural field opens at Rowan

Monday evening’s ceremony to open the newly-renovated intramural field by the REC Center had the congeniality of a neighborhood block party.

Student Government Association (SGA) members went out for passes against Rowan administrators, everyone posed for pictures and President Ali Houshmand gave an impressive punt to a rugby ball.

Rally towels were all around, a drone high above recorded the event and refreshments were served, but not on the artificial turf, as per the rules.

“Just over two years ago, students got together to complain about the [intramural] field,” Houshmand said, speaking before students and admin at the commemoration.

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Speak and Eat turns sex talk into fun and games

Sex was the topic of discussion in James Hall last Wednesday at this month’s Speak & Eat event. The dinner and subsequent talk was organized by the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution (SJICR). Attendees discussed consent, safe sex and even got to play a game of sex-themed Jeopardy.

The event, guest-hosted by Allie Pearce, Rowan’s assistant director for Healthy Campus Initiatives, managed to take sex, a topic which is usually full of warnings and trepidation, and turn it into a discussion that was light-hearted and genuine.

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