Layered Content

During my internship with Unity Media (The Digest, The Vue) I was invited to join an editorial meeting and make a few pitches. I’d had a pitch in mind for a few weeks, on a topic I’d been interested in, and had developed a layered-content campaign for it. Continue reading “Layered Content”


Reduce Your Phone’s Environmental Impact With These 15 GIFs

Mobile devices don’t last very long. Your screen breaks, or the battery dies (or explodes), or you get so excited for the newest iPhone that you marathon it all the way to Best Buy before sunrise so you can be there for the release — something you’ve done every year for the last four years. Continue reading “Reduce Your Phone’s Environmental Impact With These 15 GIFs”

The Craft of Auto Care With The Wash and Detail Co.



Tucked into the parking garage of The Alexander in Edgewater, NJ, is a nondescript garage. There is no sign announcing the business hidden here, except for small, clean lettering on the concrete wall inside: The Wash and Detail Co. On any given day, you may see a BMW or a Jeep parked beside the bay door, but there is only ever one car at a time inside being detailed. Continue reading “The Craft of Auto Care With The Wash and Detail Co.”

Wellness Wednesdays To Boost Your Health In Hoboken


Personal health and wellness sometimes get overlooked in our hectic, day-to-day lives. We don’t always have the time to learn new meditation techniques, or to learn new ways to improve our moods. Add to that the cost of a traditional wellness class, and it becomes easy to see the benefits of having Wellness Wednesdays — for free — at the Hoboken Public Library.

Wellness Wednesdays are new for 2017, and will offer monthly classes designed to introduce people to a spectrum of wellness topics. Some of these topics will include meditation, led by Devotion Yoga-founder Liza Bertini; how to prepare your body for pregnancy, led by Dr. Dina Sgambati; and how to improve your nutrition, led by Kayla Kirschner, RD.

All Wellness Wednesdays classes will be held at the Hoboken Public Library at 500 Park Ave., and will run from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The new program is organized by Hoboken resident Lauren Zucker, who is a member of the Hoboken City Council-created Green Team. The Green Team is an environmental task force of sorts, given to helping Hoboken stay Sustainable Jersey-certified. To meet the requirements of the certification, Hoboken must stay current in several categories listed by the nonprofit organization Sustainable Jersey, and to this end Zucker decided to organize Wellness Wednesdays.

“I browsed through Sustainable Jersey’s website and they have a whole category that’s health and wellness, one that our local Hoboken Green Team had never addressed,” explained Zucker. “When you think about sustainability you think about recycling and plastic bags, so I had no idea that health and wellness could be under that umbrella. So this became my immediate initiative, my project from scratch.”

To lead Wellness Wednesdays, Zucker sought out local professionals she knew to have high standards of patient empowerment. Most of the doctors and practitioners she has tapped for Wellness Wednesdays are people she has had personal experience with, who were integral to her own recovery from injuries sustained in a car accident.

The professionals are given liberty to craft their own classes. “I let them decide what they thought would be most relevant to our local community, given their expertise,” said Zucker.

“All of these classes are geared towards beginners,” said Zucker.

The first Wellness Wednesday, scheduled for January 11th, at 6:30 p.m., is titled Meditation & Mindfulness for the New Year, and will be led by Liza Bertini, founder of Devotion Yoga.

“I think some people might be intimidated to go to a yoga studio for their first meditation class,” explained Zucker. “So this is presented in the non-threatening atmosphere of the library with participants across all ages, and you don’t need a yoga mat or a special meditation outfit or equipment.”

Hoboken City Council passed a resolution in 2010 to pursue a certificate from Sustainable Jersey, and established the Hoboken Green Team shortly after. Since then, the Hoboken Green Team has spearheaded sustainability efforts, creating the annual Hoboken Green Fair, partnering with farmers markets, and renovating community gardens.

Randall Solomon, Co-director of Sustainable Jersey, praised Hoboken’s Green Team for taking the initiative to start Wellness Wednesdays. Explained Solomon via email:

“Sustainable Jersey commends the City of Hoboken Green Team for hosting Wellness Wednesdays. In the context of sustainability, health is important. We want a future where all the people of New Jersey enjoy good health and a quality of life, with minimal loss of life and function due to preventable disease, and where these standards are supported by access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Good health depends on good outcomes across all dimensions of sustainability such as clean air and water, strong communities, economic security, access to healthcare, and access to adequate, nutritious food.”

The Green Team always welcomes new members and supports anyone with passion and a project in mind. To apply, please visit

Run The Harborside Shakes Up Your Saturday Morning


Shake off your Saturday morning laziness and join Whealth for their weekly Run The Harborside 5K. Runners meet each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the Harborside waterfront esplanade for a run down to Liberty Harbor and back. Runners are led through a warm-up stretch and then a cool-down meditation by fitness instructor Jesse Barton, then treated to a breakfast prepared by Whealth. Continue reading “Run The Harborside Shakes Up Your Saturday Morning”

Jersey City Poetry Slam’s Mark Skrypczak Talks About Coaching and Running the JC Poetry Slam

Slam poetry is poetry that is meant to be performed. It’s usually shorter than traditional, page poetry because most slams only allow the poet 3 minutes to recite their work. But within those 3 minutes is the power to move an audience to its feet – tears, clogged throats, and lots of enthusiastic finger-snapping. The same goes for the slam poetry at the Jersey City Poetry Slam. Continue reading “Jersey City Poetry Slam’s Mark Skrypczak Talks About Coaching and Running the JC Poetry Slam”

How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review is Saving Literature and the Internet

The modus operandi of the internet is this: publish what gets more clicks. If you want your site to at least power your apartment, you need headlines with big names, clever lists, and farcical concepts. The literary quarters of the internet are similarly affected. But when every Review and Journal is bound by the indomitable Rule of the Click Count, we need someone to remind us there is more to literature than Colson Whitehead’s newest novel, Zadie Smith’s latest doings, and Stephen King’s politics. Continue reading “How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review is Saving Literature and the Internet”

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