Layered Content

During my internship with Unity Media (The Digest, The Vue) I was invited to join an editorial meeting and make a few pitches. I’d had a pitch in mind for a few weeks, on a topic I’d been interested in, and had developed a layered-content campaign for it.The piece (maybe ‘cross-platform editorial’ is more apt) was to be an explainer about coworking. But the great thing about working across platforms was that it gave me an opportunity to tell this story in three different ways.

So, I used the print article as an explainer to describe in detail the Who, What, Where, Why, and How; I shot interviews with coworking members and edited together a short video to illustrate what it’s actually like to be a coworking member; I reached out to local coworking spaces, obtained images and info and put together social media content to let the audience know of the coworking options in our area, along with basic information about each space; I also created an interactive Google MyMaps, just to give the audience a one-stop-shop sort of experience — visitors can see the spaces mapped out, and find info, pictures, and links right there in the map.

My cross-platform editorial didn’t go as planned. I think the biggest issue was just the constraints of being a part-time intern; the office at Unity Media is small and heroically busy, and as an intern this wasn’t something I could pull-off by myself. That said, I believe I could have done a better job communicating my idea. I could have asked to have access to the publication’s Twitter, and could have asked to create the blog post myself.

That said, there were some accomplishments I can be proud of. The video came out well and is live on The Digest’s blog, and I’m very pleased with the story I was able to tell with the print editorial. For a part-time intern, my first attempt at a cross-platform editorial wasn’t half bad.

The Print Article

The Video

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Social Media Content

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