Run The Harborside Shakes Up Your Saturday Morning


Shake off your Saturday morning laziness and join Whealth for their weekly Run The Harborside 5K. Runners meet each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the Harborside waterfront esplanade for a run down to Liberty Harbor and back. Runners are led through a warm-up stretch and then a cool-down meditation by fitness instructor Jesse Barton, then treated to a breakfast prepared by Whealth.

Whealth is a food service and hospitality company that has a marketplace in the Harborside Atrium. Whealth puts a focus on healthy eating and the ‘fuzzy feeling’ we get from sitting down to a meal with friends and family. David Trotta, Whealth’s founder and owner, explains Whealth as being “more about connecting people. So, in an effort to move that outside of the sphere of just a cafe or pop-up dinners, we started to want to connect with other people but bring a culinary angle to it.”

You don’t have to be an avid distance runner to enjoy Run The Harborside – it’s billed as a run/walk and runners of all skill are welcome, so you’ll be in company if you decide to walk. When weather is more pleasant and without this winter chill, Trotta makes a show of serving a healthy breakfast to runners. While everyone meditates, Trotta sneaks around and places plates in front of everyone, meals made right there at the Whealth cafe. For now, while the weather blisters, everyone goes inside to eat.

“Saturday morning, you get half the morning off, then you go do some kind of physical activity – then you can enjoy a healthy meal and enjoy the rest of your day,” said Trotta. “It’s the best way to start your weekend.”

Tickets cost $10, but The Digest readers can score free tickets by emailing David Trotta personally at


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