Jersey City Poetry Slam’s Mark Skrypczak Talks About Coaching and Running the JC Poetry Slam

Slam poetry is poetry that is meant to be performed. It’s usually shorter than traditional, page poetry because most slams only allow the poet 3 minutes to recite their work. But within those 3 minutes is the power to move an audience to its feet – tears, clogged throats, and lots of enthusiastic finger-snapping. The same goes for the slam poetry at the Jersey City Poetry Slam.

Walk into the Tea NJ cafe in Jersey City, and twice a month you’ll find the small cafe packed with slam poets and poetry enthusiasts. This is a boisterous bunch. They’re loud, vocal, and full of passion. Most nights you’ll find Mark Skrypczak, a tall, quiet figure, seated at a table against the wall tallying up the scores for each poet.

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