How to Find a Writing Group

Writing groups are ubiquitous. They’re in every city, most counties, and if you look through you’ll be inundated with choices.

Writing groups vary widely in how they’re constructed and what they offer. Some are designed just to set specific times to come and write – Write-Ins – while others are meant to give you feedback on your work, while still others are just unstructured get-togethers.

Before you get started, it’s important to ask yourself, What Kind Of Writer Do I Want To Be? Writing groups tend to split into two categories: those of casual writers, and those of determined writers. However you answer the question, you’re going to want a group of writers with similar habits and goals. The only honest way to figure out the attitudes and writing habits of different groups is… to actually go to the groups.

But to save you the years’ long process of attending every writing group in NJ to find the one that fits you best, we’ve put together an abridged run-down of the different groups in NJ:

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